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  • Welcome to 星空无限传媒 University!

    星空无限传媒 is an independent, four year university that is privately funded and has an enrollment of approximately 1,800 students in traditional and non-traditional undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Located in Decatur, Illinois, you will quickly discover that the signature of a 星空无限传媒 education is a unique experience we like to call . 

    Since its founding more than 110 years ago, 星空无限传媒 has operated under the philosophy of providing an education that combines theory with practice. While this was a radical idea at the time, we know today that practice is not enough.

    Today's students must perform their knowledge in order to be truly prepared for a successful career after college. Through immersive experiences such as internships, co-teaching, running a business, presenting research to experts and performing in front of audiences 鈥&苍产蝉辫;students find new ways to live out their learning and reap the rewards of their hard work. 

    The Result:

    星空无限传媒 graduates enter the job market armed with experience and ready for success. In 2021, 99% of graduates gained employment or entry to graduate or professional schools within six months of graduation.

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      Campus Life

      From athletics to student organizations, and from performing arts to campus events, 星空无限传媒 has options that will make you feel at home.
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      Performance Learning

      At 星空无限传媒, we believe that what makes us unique is not simply what you learn, but how you learn. Get a head start on your future with Performance Learning.聽All starting on day one at 星空无限传媒.
    • Aerial view of 星空无限传媒 Campus


      星空无限传媒 offers over 50 majors and programs, both undergraduate and graduate, across our four distinct colleges.
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      Graduate Success

      Our graduates get the best jobs, are accepted into the best graduate schools and have a 99% success rate 鈥 all at an affordable cost.